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That moment when you realise you have been the victim of the "slow fade" by your friends. :(


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Whyyyy whyyy WHYYYYYY can't we all just live nearby each other?? These assfaces. I'm sorry Ambo :(

I know right. I imagine us all living in one of those streets where no one locks the doors and we have street parties and all our kids ride their bikes till we all stand out on the lawn and call them in for dinner. And we are all just a door knock away. I blame Oprah for this not bring our reality. Love you xo

you still have your triathlon/biking friends right? are you talking about Ali etc? If so, seriously, those guys are not worth your time. I know they are long time friends but from what you've said, they really are assfaces. I'm very sorry that they are treating you badly. It's not you, it's them - it really is. xoxox

I do still have my awesome fitness family. Saturday night 4 of us had a girls night where we are burgers from this gourmet burger joint and watched a bad movie and giggled and laughed the whole night. I think I get upset because Ali and that group have been so nasty about me having other friends, but I don't know what they expected me to do, sit around and wait for them to not invite me to things? I have to remember I have amazing people in my life. Love you xo

Seconding Manda's comment. Life would be so much better if we could just teleport to each other's houses and eat Nutella straight from the jar and get shitfaced while watching Empire Records and doing the Carlton together.

Love you, Ambo!

One day we'll all be somewhere amazing together doing all the things, the universe can't keep us apart forever. Love you xo

All those things make me smile and make my heart happy. Love you xo

Too bad for them, they won't be able to enjoy your amazing new house!

That is true, I will be amazing in my amazing home without them. Love you xo

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