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Today I rode 100km in a ride to promote cycling awareness and sharing the road. It was for the Amy Gillett Foundation! Amy was a cyclist who was killed on a training ride in Germany. She was from Adelaide. Her family set up the foundation to help the other riders hurt in the accident rehab, promote cycling education in schools and to promote cyclists and drivers sharing the road and respecting each other. Each year there are rides to help get the message across.

Today was my first attempt at the ride and I decided to go the whole way and attempt the 100km.

The ride started off by going along our great government initiative, the Southern Expressway! This road is the most expensively stupid road because it only allows traffic to travel in one direction. Halfway through the day it closes for an hour or so them reopens with traffic traveling the opposite direction!!! Anyways it was closed to vehicles today for the ride. Normally bikes can't go along the expressway, there is a bike track that runs parallel!

The ride continued towards the beach then back from the beach then to the beach again then back! Anyways there was lots of too and fro and up abd down and up.

After the halfway point there was a big hill climb. I don't know the exact distance or climb but I do know that cars break down trying to get up it so you can imagine what that might feel like on a bike!!! My quads are still burning!

By the end of it I was well and truly ready get off my freaking bike!!!

It took me 5 hours and I'm in all sorts of pain but the worst pain is in my hands from hanging on to the handle bars for 5 hours!!!

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