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I don't hate anyone, but...

I HATE MY HOUSEMATE! My heart rate is through the roof, I can feel it beating through my body. I am furious beyond words I can't even think straight!

Yesterday he effing cat, which I didn't want to live with and said if she got it she had to keep it away from me, pissed on my fucking clothes only I didn't realise till I got to work! So I emailed her to say so. No offer to get my skirt cleaned nope. What did I expect her to do, cats are cats I should have shut my bedroom door!!!!!

Then today I get a text. As the guy she is shagging (not her boyfriend anymore they broke up because he was still sleeping with his wife I know shocking right) is coming to stay with us this weekend (wasnt told till last night) could I please do my dishes!!!

None of us do our dishes. Well that's not true we aren't slobs, but we each have a pile of our dishes in the kitchen and we do them when we can! I was going to do mine tonight and not because that fucktool is coming over but because it's the first time I've had time!!!

I don't have an issue with being asked to do my dishes I had issue with being asked to do them because he is coming.

It's ok for me to have to live in a house knee deep in cat and dog shit and hair but because HE is coming over he gets the red fucking carpet royal fucking treatment! THEY ARENT EVEN TOGETHER. By her own admission she is in the most unhealthy relationship of people she knows, and she knows some fucked up people!

I hate this guy because he is using her for a place to stay and a shag and she is so fucked that she thinks he loves her.

I dislike this guy so much I would not piss on his gums if his teeth were on fire!

IM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!

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Oh man. I know the stinkiness of cat piss. That is just fucked. And the non-boyfriend; even worse!

Are you sure you can live with this woman for another 12 months? If it's going to keep on like this, how will you cope? I know what it's like to live with someone like that (though I never had anyone *quite* that bad), and it's fucked when you can't feel comfortable in your own home.


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